Terms And Conditions

Exams Help Online is a platform for academic support for students with academic difficulties. We always ensure that our services to our clients are top-notch. We always operate in accordance with our policies, and we anticipate that before placing an order, our customers will accept the terms and conditions listed below. Strict action will be taken if any rule is broken.

Several Key Terms

• Demand progress is shown by the request status at a specific stage.

• A "revision" is a modification to the main Product that the Customer offers.

• The element of the company's progressive structure known as "Support" is crucial to coordinating and managing the Order strategy.

• The phrase "Quality Assurance Department" denotes the Company's legal organization, which includes evaluating the Product and the Organization's ideas.

• A method known as the "Confirmation Process" requires the customer to reveal their charging character in order to avoid coercion.

Payment Policy

Payment options include a credit card or online banking. Wherever else, we do not accept any other form of payment. We constantly ensure that our payment method is secure and safe.

Revision Policy

If the author needs to change the requirement previously provided, revisions will be made several times. The amendment will be placed and priced appropriately if the customer has new requirements.

Refund Policy

Your entire payment will be refunded if the

• Your paper must be delivered before the due date.

• If you request a refund before we begin working on your order, your money will be returned.

• Show us an actual failure report and any teacher comments if you fail because of our work.


Copyright regulations state that once given to the owner, the online class assignments from the experts cannot be used by anyone else. It is prohibited for professionals to use it for their own benefit, as this would go against the rules.

Utilize Exams Help Online's Academic Assistance Services To Maximize Your Academic Potential.

We provide faultless editing and proofreading services to raise the standard of your work. We are committed to upholding the highest standards to protect the privacy of our customers because we recognize the value of confidentiality and privacy when it comes to your data. You can find more information about our data privacy in our terms and conditions.

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